About NaDCC Tablets Price, Uses, and More

Do you need to quickly cleanse water so that you can drink it on the go? Or perhaps you enjoy spending time outdoors and require a portable, controllable solution that you can always have with you to ensure the safety of your drinking water? Or perhaps you’re afraid of germs and need filtration tablets to keep you safe when clean water isn’t available?

Whatever the case, we’ve got you. NaDCC tablets are the best solution for you. This article will guide you through NaDCC tablets price and other factors that you may need to know about:

What are NaDCC Tablets?

Before looking at the NaDCC tablets price, let’s look closely at what they are. NaDCC stands for sodium dichloroisocyanurate, a type of chlorine used for fast action against bacteria and other germs found in water. It is commonly known as the fast-acting water sterilizer and can help act on a broad spectrum of protozoa, fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

Although it is also available for residential water treatment, it is frequently utilized to treat water in bulk during emergencies and disaster assistance. NaDCC tablets come in different concentrations to disinfect different quantities of water at a go. Typically, they are effervescent, which enables the tiny tablets to dissolve in under a minute.

What Are Some of the Features of NaDCC Tablets?

  • Fast action
  • Highly user-friendly
  • Chlorine-tasting and prestigious
  • Different tablets have unique instructions for proper dosage
  • Tablets are effervescent and dissolve fast.
  • Kill protozoa, mycoplasma, fungi, mould, viruses, and gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria

How to use NaDCC Tablets

Each swimming pool chemicals manufacturer has its own instruction. However, generally, you should follow the package instructions and adds the proper size tablet for the volume of water to be treated. Following this, shake the jar and wait for the time specified on the packet, which is often 30 minutes (contact time). After that time, your water is cleaned and ready to quench your thirst!

What is The NaDCC Tablets Price?

Of course, that depends on the manufacturer but a pack of 200 retails at about 4.16 USD. For wholesalers, 1 tonne of the tablets goes for about 1200 USD to 1800 USD depending on concentration and other variables by the manufacturer.

What Are Some Applications of NaDCC (Water Filtration) Tablets?

• Filtration of drinking water

• Sterilizing infant bottles

• Hospital sanitation

• Cleaning janitorial services

• Fruit and vegetable sanitation

• Travel and camping

• Treatment of waterborne diseases in poultry

Top 5 Benefits Of NaDCC Tablets

1. They are powerful enough to combat almost all known bacteria, viruses, and spores.

2. Efficient storage and transportation that lowers transportation expenses.

3. NaDCC tablets price is quite low and affordable to all.

4. Minimal impact on the environment unlike substitute disinfectants like chlorine dioxide.

5. 3-Year shelf life

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