Top 7 Uses Of Sodium Gluconate

Sodium gluconate is a naturally occurring, easily biodegradable, non toxic sodium salt of gluconic acid. It has a wide range of uses in the textile, cosmetics, construction, food processing among other industries. This is made possible due to the chelating properties of sodium gluconate. It combines with metal ions such as iron and zinc forming stable chelates at an alkaline PH. Below are the most common uses of sodium gluconate.

Top 7 Uses Of Sodium Gluconate
  1. Construction Industry

Sodium gluconate is used as a concrete retarder admixture to improve its strength during construction. It is a great water reducer for gypsum and concrete and used to reduce water resistance in cement. When used as a concrete admix, it acts a a corrosion inhibitor to iron bars made from steel and copper which are used in concrete mix.

Water pipes made of steel and iron are likely to corrode due to the dissolved oxygen in the water. However addition of sodium gluconate ensures it coats the metallic sections with a gluconate layer preventing the dissolved oxygen from coming into contact with the metal.

  1. Beauty, Cosmetics And Cleaning Industry

Sodium gluconate is widely used as a chelating agent in the cosmetics industry as it binds some metals which cause rancidity and discoloration hence improving the product’s appearance.

By virtue of its sequestering properties, it prevents hard water ions such as magnesium and calcium from interfering with how products that are alkaline in nature work. Shampoos and detergents lather easily when using hard water. Most acid based cleaning products also contain sodium gluconate which helps protect stainless steel metals from harsh chemicals.

  1. Electroplating And Metal Finishing

Sodium gluconate has a high affinity for metal ions hence the most used product in electroplating and metal finishing since it controls the stability of the solution to prevent unintended reactions in the bath.

  1. Agriculture

Sodium gluconate is used in fertilizers formulations to help plants absorb minerals easily due to its chelating properties.

  1. Food Preservation

Other uses of sodium gluconate lie in the food industry. It is used to prolong the shelf life of food products and it is also considered a natural preservative as it prevents bacteria overgrowth. It’s also used to reduce bitterness in various beverages by balancing the sour and sweet taste. If used as a food additive, it increases firmness and slice ability of meat products by increasing the meat and water binding capacity.

  1. Cleansing And Nourishing The Body

Humans have toxic metal ions present in their system which if not regulated can damage the nerves or slow down their functioning. Sodium gluconate is also used as a supplement to prevent sodium deficiency in the body.

  1. Promotes A Healthy Skin

Did you know the human body produces glutonates to assist in nutrients absorption from mineral? This goes to show that sodium gluconate is safe for your skin too and it acts as a skin conditioner promoting a healthy and glowing skin. It also helps in retaining water and moisture hence maintaining skin elasticity.